IMPORTANT: We are still placing families in need on a case by case basis using our locations that have separate/independent access and discounted accommodations.


Who We Are

About Us

Hospitality Homes is a nonprofit organization that provides short-term housing in volunteer host homes for families and friends of patients receiving medical care in the Boston area. Our services are free of charge and are made possible by the generosity of our volunteer hosts and supporters. 

Founded in 1983, Hospitality Homes was the first program of its kind in the nation. Since then we have served more than 15,300 families. The need for convenient, caring, and cost-free accommodations for patients’ family members increases every year.

Our History

Imagine how overwhelming it would be to travel far from home with a sick baby for treatment that will require weeks or months in a strange city. Then imagine that when you leave the baby’s hospital bedside each night, a cot in a nearby vacant office building is the only place you have to sleep.

This is what happened to Doris Jones in 1973, when her 18-month-old daughter Pam needed experimental cancer care she couldn’t get near home. The cost of a Boston hotel room for weeks on end was prohibitive. With no other options, the hospital offered Doris the empty building next door. 

While in Boston, Doris became friendly with Sue Gracey, a Boston resident. Sue was touched by Doris’ plight and, years later, when Sue had the space to offer, she began to open her home to patients’ families in need of a place to stay.

Meanwhile, a local hospital leader was troubled by the same problem. Joan Biggers, Director of Patient Representatives at an area hospital, knew that some families had no choice but to sleep in nurses’ closets, on floors, or in cars. She knew there had to be a better way.

In 1983, Joan Biggers secured funding to begin The Hospitality Program. Along with Sue and Colin Gracey and the Rev. Jeanne Sproat, she developed a network of volunteers who would house visiting family members while their loved one was in a local hospital. In 2002, the Hospitality Program was renamed Hospitality Homes to more clearly convey the message and the mission of the organization.

Born from the resolve of four caring people to help families find comfort during challenging times, Hospitality Homes was the first program of its kind in the nation. Today we continue to help thousands of patients and their families stay together when they need each other the most.