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Noah Cervantes has a complicated set of medical challenges. The special care he needs can only be found at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH). After six months of coordinating appointments with the Hospital, Danielle, Noah's mom, was ready to bring her family to Boston for Noah's care all the way up from Upstate New York.

"A month out from our appointments we realized we didn't have a place to stay or housing arranged, so we went into panic mode. We started pricing out hotels in the that was way too much money for us to afford as a family".

"We just want Judy to know how much we love her and that she is family to us".

With your support, patients like Noah can have his family by his side while he receives the best in medical care. Your generosity allows thousands of families each year the opportunity to stay near their loved ones- regardless of their ability to pay. Every day we are reminded of the remarkable community built with your support. Strangers become family; families heal faster with their support network by their sides.

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The Patient Experience Symposium is a gathering of healthcare professionals, patient advocates, practitioners, educators, thought leaders, and patients who are transforming the patient experience, and changing the way people experience healthcare.
Distinguished faculty provide insights as to what impact the patient experience has on both quality and economic improvements, what role leadership plays in creating the right culture for patient-centered care, and how to identify, evaluate and prioritize innovations that can quickly touch the lives of patients and practitioners.
And, unlike other conferences on this topic, patients share their personal stories, providing a real-world perspective on patient experience. Our attendees leave invigorated and inspired, with new tools and strategies to make patient experience the best it can be!
To learn more visit
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An excerpt from a BIDMC newsletter article in May 2014:

Jodie Knutson remembers the first time her family arrived at the Brookline home of Pam and Harvey Lodish. Her two young sons, Ben and Josh, tore out of the house with Pam and Harvey's daughter, Stephanie, and ran down the street to the local playground. Strangers until that very moment, the families were instantly connected.











Featured: Harvey and Pam Lodish and Ben and Jodie Knutson during one of their visits.

"It was just like that, they kind of took us in and since then they have always been that second family to us," says Jodie. "My dad's an Iowa farmer and I think he said it best. He said to Pam, 'you're the nicest strangers I've ever met.'" 

"I still remember all those years ago, we took an Angel Flight to Boston and within five minutes, the doctors were able to answer questions about Ben's health that we had had for the first two years of his life," says Jodie. "Boston is where Ben's team is. We trust them. We wouldn't go anywhere else."
Ben was diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS), a rare congenital vascular disorder associated with the overgrowth of blood vessels, soft tissue and bones of one limb, most often the leg, though in Ben's case it affected his left arm and torso causing a great deal of pain and reduced movement.
"When you're away from home and your own support system, you're lost, you really don't have any idea what you're doing. You just fly by the seat of your pants and hope you make the right decisions," said Jodie. 
"Pam and Harvey have opened their hearts and their home to us. They've always been there to say, 'how's it going today?' or to help us get our minds thinking about an upcoming appointment, or to offer a ride when it's raining. No matter when, they've said if you need us, give us a call."

Pam said, "Jodie is right, she and her husband Steve, and her sons, Josh and Ben are a part of our family. We have watched their dedication to helping Ben find the best care for his medical situation. And helping families, such as the Knutsons, has helped us teach our children, and now our grandchildren, a valuable life lesson - that reaching out and helping families from afar, is not that big a deal and really doesn't take much work - just a clean room and a house key, plus some basic clues about how to get back and forth to the hospital."

This year's trip to Boston was once again for surgery. After years of doing everything possible to save his left arm, Ben agreed with his medical team that it was time to amputate. "It's something that my doctors have been talking about since I was little," said Ben. "It became clear to me that things would only continue to get worse, so amputation was the right choice." "Ben has been incredibly courageous and patient with this malformation, which has caused excruciating pain. He has endured enough pain and discomfort for several lifetimes," said Upton. "What a kid!"

"It's always hard to put into words what we've gone through," said Jodie. "We've had something that has totally changed everybody's lives in our family, but we're blessed with the people we have come in contact with at this hospital and in this community.
     Featured: Harvey and Pam Lodish and Ben and Jodie Knutson during one of their visits.

After Ben was discharged, he and his mom spent one more night with Pam and Harvey in Brookline before heading back to Iowa. As thankful as he continues to be for Pam and Harvey's gracious hospitality, Ben was more excited to be going home. There was a slow pitch softball competition he was hoping to attend, and he said, he could use a little quiet time away from the city crowds. "Yeah, it's been a long three weeks."
Ben is now 28. Over the past 27 years he and his family have traveled multiple times to receive specialty care at Boston hospitals, starting as a toddler at Boston Children's Hospital and since Ben's teen years, under the care of Dr. Joseph Upton, a plastic surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 

In October of last year, Pam Lodish and her daughter Stephanie traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to witness the marriage of Ben Knutson and Kellie Robbins.


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how it works

Now through December 31, we are asking the public to provide gift cards - or donations to get gift cards - for our guests. Gifts of any amount will help and are deeply appreciated, but we do our best to make sure the average gift is $25 per family.


What gift cards should I get?

In denominations of $10 or $25 to Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, Dunkin, Whole Foods, Star Market, Uber and Lyft are all great choices!


How can i help?

1. Bring or mail gift cards to our office:

Hospitality Homes

1018 Beacon Street Suite 201

Brookline, MA 02446


2. Mail a check with “Filled With Love” on the memo line to the address above.


3. Questions? Contact Denise Duclos at or call 888.595.5678 ext. 2

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Gerald Schuster, founder of Continental Wingate Co. Inc., prominent businessman, philanthropist, and longtime supporter of numerous local and national Democrats on the state and national stage, passed away recently at the age of 89 at his home in Boston, surrounded by his loving family.
Mr. Schuster, known to all as “Jerry,” led a full life dedicated to his family, his businesses, philanthropy, and political activism across the country. Mr. Schuster’s commitment to giving back to his community is especially visible throughout the Boston area. He and Mrs. Schuster were longstanding supporters of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Mr. Schuster helped establish the Hospitality Homes apartment program and for over 20 years this program has provided free medical housing for thousands of families and their loved ones who are receiving medical care in the Boston area.  
All of us at Hospitality Homes are grateful for the support of Gerald Schuster, his family and the many wonderful people of Wingate who have had a lasting impact.   
A letter from one of our guests says it best:
Dear Mr. Schuster,
“We were 800 miles from home facing two weeks’ recuperation from two surgeries at BWH/DFCI before the final procedure could be performed. Our hearts sank…where could we stay? Through your thoughtful generosity and compassion for those far from home, my husband was able to regain his strength and fortify his determination for the final surgery. We sincerely Thank You for donating this apartment to Hospitality Homes. We consider you, Mr. Schuster, to be part of our healing team of caring human beings that helped us through this medical journey. 
With much gratitude and warmest regards, S&D, Michigan"
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Boston, MA  - February 2, 2018. Hospitality Homes announced today they are the recipient of a 2-year grant of $38,000 from the Maine Cancer Foundation.

With the funding, Hospitality Homes will work to increase various housing and transportation services to Maine cancer patients who need to travel to Boston medical centers for cancer care and follow up support.

The focus of the project is to increase the number of Maine cancer patients served. Through this targeted effort, Maine cancer patients will have access to housing and transportation services, provided at little or no cost while in Boston, whether it is for active cancer treatment, follow up appointments/screenings and/ or accessing cancer survivor support. The housing and transportation services are available to both pediatric and adult Maine cancer patients and their support team.

Every year, Maine residents have to travel to seek the best in medical care in Boston. With an average hotel room rate of $257.00 per night, finding an affordable place to stay looms especially large in Boston.


Maine Cancer Foundation’s grant is offered as part of their ongoing Challenge Cancer 2020 initiative, aimed at reducing cancer incidence and mortality by 20 percent by 2020. They have awarded nearly $6 million since 2015 in support of this initiative focused on prevention, early detection and screening, and access to care for all Mainers.  Visit: www.

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Contact: Shanon Heckethorn:                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone: 888-595-4678 ext. 3


Hospitality Homes Welcomes New Executive Director


Boston, MA – March 4, 2015

The Board of Directors of Hospitality Homes is pleased to announce the appointment of Marianne M. Jones as the organization’s new executive director. Jones, who recently served as the president of the Women’s Fund of NH/NH Women’s Foundation, brings over 15 years of leadership and management experience with New England-area foundations and non-profits to her role at Hospitality Homes.

Since 1983, Hospitality Homes has provided free housing in volunteer host homes for family and friends of patients receiving medical treatment in the Boston area, regardless of income, nationality, or the patient’s age, diagnosis, or treatment facility. Thousands of patients travel to Boston each year to receive medical treatment, accompanied by supportive family and friends. As a result of an acute medical crisis, many arrive in an unfamiliar city with no place to stay or lack the financial resources for lengthy hotel accommodations.

With the increased need for extended stay housing, Hospitality Homes receives dozens of calls daily from family members and friends requesting housing after visiting the Boston-area hospitals. In 2014, Hospitality Homes saved families nearly $1 million in comparable hotel fees.  “Last year alone, we provided 519 guests housing in host homes. With the rise in extended and repeat visits to Boston’s area hospitals, the need to gain community support is at an all-time high,” says Marc Volpe, Chair of Hospitality Homes Board of Directors, and CFO of Fort Warren Capital Management. “We are thrilled to bring on Marianne Jones as the new executive director with her background in leadership, non-profit management and fundraising, along with compassion and vision for Hospitality Homes.”

“Having spent nights in the ICU with a critically ill infant and anxious hours in hospital waiting rooms in an unfamiliar city, I understand first-hand the intense needs and isolation of families supporting loved ones through medical crises or serious procedures. Hospitality Homes provides an incredible, compassionate service for an ever increasing need for temporary housing during medical treatment in Boston,” explains Jones.

Hospitality Homes reaches out to the community and graciously asks volunteer hosts to open their doors and their hearts to people who are coming to Boston at a critical time in their lives for medical treatment. Families interested in being a volunteer host and participating in the program are asked to provide a spare room and access to a bathroom. Prior to hosting, all volunteer hosts attend a training session and have a Hospitality Homes staff member visit with the host at their home.

For more information, review frequently asked questions and/or benefits of becoming a Hospitality Homes Host, please visit

About Hospitality Homes 
Hospitality Homes is a non-profit organization that provides no-cost housing through volunteer host homes for family and friends of patients receiving medical treatment in the Boston area, regardless of income, nationality, or the patient’s age, diagnosis, or treatment facility. Recognized by the New England Patriots in 2014, Hospitality Homes received the Myra Kraft Community MVP Award for exceptional volunteerism. Since 1983, Hospitality Homes’ unique, home-away-from-home lodging option has provided a caring response as well as relief from emotional and financial challenges for these individuals and families. Hospitality Homes’ current host home network includes nearly 70 active volunteers throughout the Boston area.

For more information, visit ###

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Judith Chasin of Brookline wins award of $10,000 for hospitality homes


FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The Kraft family and New England Patriots Charitable Foundation’s Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards place a spotlight on those who give their time to help others and exemplify leadership, dedication and a commitment to improving their communities through volunteerism. Annually, the Kraft family and New England Patriots Charitable Foundation host the awards program as part of the ongoing Celebrate Volunteerism initiative in honor of Myra Kraft’s example of being a lifelong volunteer.


On June 9, 26 volunteers were recognized for their contributions at a luncheon and awards ceremony at Gillette Stadium. Each Community MVP received grants for their respective nonprofit organizations. Fifteen New England based organizations were presented with $5,000 grants in honor of their volunteers’ work. Ten others received grants of $10,000 and one grand prize winner was presented $25,000.

“Every year, we ask New England nonprofit organizations to nominate one volunteer who they consider their MVPs,” said Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft.  “This year, we received a record number of nominations from over 400 nonprofits. Their stories are heartwarming and inspirational and narrowing the field to 26 winners gets more difficult every year. As a lifelong volunteer herself, this was always Myra’s favorite event. I am so glad that her legacy continues to live through the great work of all the Myra Kraft Community MVPs.”

On hand to congratulate the award winners was Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft, New England Patriots Charitable Foundation President Joshua Kraft, Pro Football and Patriots Hall of Famer and Patriots Executive Director of Community Affairs Andre Tippett, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo and Patriots alumni and three-time Super Bowl Champion Joe Andruzzi.

Judith Chasin of Brookline, Mass. was one of ten $10,000 second place winners.

“I can't think of anything that is more rewarding than helping others and Hospitality Homes has given me that opportunity,” said Chasin. “Hosting families traveling to Boston for medical care enriches my life in so many ways.”


Each year, thousands of patients and their families travel to the Boston area to receive healthcare and unfortunately, many of them are unable to afford accommodations while receiving treatment. Over the past four years, Chasin has hosted thirty-five guests and provided 133 nights of housing for individuals from eleven different states. She goes above and beyond, offering up her home to complete strangers and providing her guests with meals, transportation and assistance in coordinating medical care. Chasin provides comfort to patients and their families and through her generosity, she manages to turn complete strangers into life-long friends.

“Our Hospitality Homes volunteer host, Judith Chasin, epitomizes Myra Kraft’s legacy of engaged giving,” said Caryl Goodman, Executive Director of Hospitality Homes. Through opening her home, her heart, and donating generously, Judy eases the challenges faced by families traveling hundreds and thousands of miles to access specialized medical care in Boston. This award is vitally important to Hospitality Homes because it focuses attention on our need for more volunteer hosts and donated apartments. Today, we do not have volunteers to host 8 families traveling to Boston hospitals in the next 2 weeks. We hope others will be inspired to join Judy and our other 60 host families to carry on Myra Kraft’s legacy of engaged giving.”

The 2014 MVPs represent all six New England states, a variety of nonprofit organizations and range in ages from 13 to 93 years old. Nominations open each spring and for the most up-to-date information, visit                                                     

Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo, Patriots and Pro Football Hall of Famer Andre Tippett and Patriots alumni and three-time Super Bowl Champion Joe Andruzzi congratulated the Myra Kraft Community MVP Award $10,000 winner Judith Chasin from Hospitality Homes for her outstanding volunteerism. During the luncheon, the Kraft family through the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation awarded $200,000 in grants to 26 New England nonprofits. Caryl Goodman, Executive Director of Hospitality Homes accepted the award on Chasin’s behalf.